Sligo Search – October 2014

24 October 2014

Sligo Civil Defence were activated at 5.30pm on Tuesday evening, 21st October to assist Sligo Gardaí in a search for a missing person that they classed as a moderate risk. The missing person had taken a boat the previous day and travelled up Lough Gill. As the boat had not returned there was a fear that he may have tried to return that evening during the high winds.

Two Civil Defence crew members responded immediately. As there was a force 8 wind blowing west northwest out at sea the boat crew decided to drive around the lake and carry out a risk assessment of the weather conditions especially where the lake opens up to the elements and it was decided to defer a search of the lake until Wednesday morning.

On the route around the lake the crew observed the water at each vantage point for any signs of a boat or potential debris. The helicopter was otherwise engaged at the time but did attend at the lake at approximately 9pm and found heat in the vicinity of Church Island.

A call was received from the Gardaí on Wednesday morning, 22nd October requesting a boat crew to be deployed to Church Island as the winds had subsided and the lake was calmer. Six Sligo Civil Defence crew members responded and as the boat team reached the island they received a call from Garda Headquarters to say the person in question had contacted them asking if a search was underway for him and that he was ok.The search team was stood down a short period later.