Life saving actions of Donegal Civil Defence member

4 April 2023

Whilst on route to the PHECC EMT OCSE exams in Portlaoise on 7th March, Paul Dunnion, a volunteer with Donegal Civil Defence stopped off for a bite to eat in Roscommon. In the eatery Paul noticed a man at the table next to him had choked and was struggling to get the piece of food dislodged. Paul, putting his excellent training into practice, gave the man the required back slaps, which proved fruitless, leaving Paul with no choice but to do the Heimlich Manoeuvre twice, dislodging the object. Upon recovery, the man looked for a glass of water and choked again. Again, Paul stayed calm and recommenced the treatment, saving the gentleman. Staff of the premises had called 999 and upon arrival, paramedics commended Paul for his quick thinking and saving the man’s life.

This incident highlights the importance of the valuable training Civil Defence members undertake and how early intervention is vital in the chain of survival.

Paul is to be commended for his swift response and decisive action.