Galway – Search & Recovery Operation

1 February 2016

On Sunday morning 31st January Galway Civil Defence was activated to assist Gardai in the search for a female witnessed entering the water near O’Brien’s Bridge and Salmon Weir Bridge in the early hours of the morning.

An alert was sent out to members for assistance. 12 members of the Oranmore Unit mobilsed to search the local costal area and the boat crew launched at the slip-way at Galway Harbour Enterprise Park. The Costello Bay Coastguard unit also commenced a land search and with the Civil Defence boat unit searched sectors of the harbour entrance and to the west of the harbour towards Oranmore.

At approx 1.20pm the Civil Defence boat crew located remains on the shoreline.

An Garda Síochána search management team praised Civil Defence and the Costello Bay Coastguard unit for their response and diligence in bringing the sad incident to a close.