E-Vetting & Civil Defence

2 June 2017

All Civil Defence volunteers must be Garda vetted. Re-vetting is required every 5 years.

From the 1st June all Civil Defence Garda vetting is now carried out using an on-line system. This works as follows.

  1. The volunteer completes a one page form (NVB 1) with basic details such as their name and address and also their personal e-mail address.
  2. The Civil Defence Officer is required to verify the individual’s identity and then sends the form to the Department of Defence.
  3. The staff in Civil Defence Branch will input the applicant’s details onto the National Vetting Bureau (NVB) system.
  4. The volunteer will receive an email from the NVB with an invitation to complete the on-line vetting application.
  5. The volunteer has 30 days to complete the on-line application. The NVB system will issue a reminder after 21 days, if required.
  6. If the volunteer does not complete the application within 30 days, the application will lapse and they will be required to restart the application process.
  7. Once the NVB have completed processing the application a disclosure will be issued to Civil Defence Branch.
  8. If there are no convictions etc, the Branch will inform the Civil Defence Officer.
  9. If there are convictions etc., reported the case goes to the Civil Defence Decision Making Committee in line with our Vetting Policy.


The new system should result in much faster vetting than the old paper based system.


Aidan Dillon
Civil Defence Branch
Department of Defence
Co Tipperary