COVID-19 & Civil Defence (January -June 2021)

9 July 2021

From 1st January to 30th June 2021 Civil Defence completed 2,719 COVID-19 related taskings while providing sustained support to communities throughout the country. Support was also provided to the Irish Blood Transfusion Service.

During the first six months of 2021:

  • A daily average of 31 Civil Defence volunteers provided a daily average of 155 volunteer hours.
  • A total of 28,107 volunteer hours were provided over the 181 day period.
  • A total of 2,719 individual taskings were undertaken in support to the Principal Response Agencies and the Irish Blood Transfusion Service.
  • These volunteers were supported by a fleet of Civil Defence Vehicles including 50 four-wheel drive jeeps, 25 ambulances, 10 minibuses and 9 vans.

Civil Defence Taskings

Examples of the types of tasks undertaken by Civil Defence volunteers include;

    • Providing administrative and first aid assistance at HSE Vaccination Centres,
    • providing administrative assistance to the Irish Blood Transfusion Service,
    • transporting persons to and from hospital appointments,
    • transporting persons to and from testing centres,
    • sorting and delivering COVID-19 test kits to test centres,
    • collecting and delivering library books to vulnerable households,
    • transporting elderly persons to and from Health Centres and Mass Vaccination Centres for vaccinations,
    • collecting foodstuffs from suppliers and bakers for food hub,
    • delivering food parcels to vulnerable households,
    • providing assistance to vulnerable persons within communities by delivering food, medications and collecting their pensions