Communications Workshop

8 October 2019

On Saturday the 21st and Sunday, 22 September 2019 potential communications instructors attended workshops in Roscrea and the Phoenix Training Centre at Ratra House. The Workshops were designed to assess participant competence in Voice Procedure and Network Discipline and to identify students for places on future Communications Instructors courses. Each potential Instructor was required to complete seven individual exercises and a written exam.

24 potential Communications Instructors were welcomed for assessment and we are delighted to report that all 24 potential instructors passed the assessment and will be offered places on upcoming Communications Instructors courses. Notifications will issue to Civil Defence Officers and individual potential Instructors in the coming days.

Following feedback from participants, the Communications Instructors course is currently being redesigned in attempt to deliver a significant portion of training in an on-line environment. As a result dates for future training will not be published until the Course redesign is completed. Congratulations to everybody who participated in the two very successful workshops. Thank you to all participants and CDO’s for the very relevant and helpful feedback on the future development of Communications Training in Civil Defence.