Clare Civil Defence Awards Night – May 2024

6 June 2024

 Last month Clare Civil Defence held an awards night to mark ranks promotions, Covid-19 medals, training achievements and a whopping 310 years of service from 21 of their team of volunteers.

Volunteers participated in courses such as EMT, Swiftwater rescue, Search responders, AFS and EFR to name just a few. Over 50 volunteers received Covid-19 medals for services carried out in the community during the global pandemic .

Clare Civil Defence volunteers were also acknowledged for their response to the Ukrainian crisis where they set up and managed the emergency rest centre for hundreds of displaced persons arriving to Clare.

14 volunteers received 10 year service medals, 5 received 20 year service medals, 1 volunteer received a 30 year service medal and 1 volunteer received an incredible 40 year service medal award.

The volunteer instructors who provide this vital training to their fellow volunteers were acknowledged.

The people of Clare are extremely lucky to have such a dedicated and professional group of volunteers at their disposal.