Civil Defence Severe Weather Relief Efforts – 6th March 2018

6 March 2018

Approximately 350 volunteer members from 28 different local Authority Units have been tasked to assist the Primary Response Agencies since 28th February.

Summary of Activities to date:

28th February – 6th March:

  • Dublin – 60 members; 21 x 4WD Vehicles; 1 All -Terrain Vehicle

Tasked on 6th March to gain access to parts of south Dublin and further assistance required in Kilteel, Co Killdare; Approximately 1,100 tasking completed in total to date; Eighteen volunteers tasked on 5th March to assist Transved to clear Luas Platforms between the Red Cow and Tallaght also assisting Gardaí to reach remote householders in Dublin mountains;  Assisted in Kilteel, Co Kildare to deliver food to isolated homes and insulin to an elderly man; Homeless Shelter open 24hrs a day until 5th March; Twelve crews tasked with transportation of patients for dialysis and palliative care treatment during the course of 4th March;  Assisted Dublin Fire Service to reach call in Killinarden;  From 2nd March through to morning of 3rd March assisted in recovery of four Ambulances from snow drifts near Tallaght Hospital; All Terrain Vehicle deployed twice on morning of 3rd March – to assist in evacuation of elderly lady from her home in the mountains and to rescue an ill child who is otherwise inaccessible; Assisted in reaching patients for Dublin Fire Service; Assisted Gardaí in recuing stranded motorists; Transported many dialysis patients for treatment; Recovered people from stranded cars in Tallaght using the All Terrain Vehicle; Transported the transplant team and organs from Tallaght Hospital to the Mater Hospital at 8am on 2nd March; Transported essential medical personnel to hospitals; 200 Meals on Wheels being delivered daily since, 1st March.  (Stood Down 10pm, 6th March – On standby)


  • Wexford – 12 members; 4 x 4WD Vehicles

Three Wexford crews continuing to assist National Ambulance Service and providing transport to homeless to B&B on 6th March; Four crews from Wexford, two crews from Tipperary and three crews from Laois provided cover for the National Ambulance Service until 2am on 5th March; Since 3rd March transporting dialysis patients from Wexford to St Vincents, Dublin, Rosslare Harbour to Waterford and Gorey to Wexford; Delivering Meals on Wheels to over 20 households in Wexford Town; Transporting Gas and Gas Fitter to Nursing HomeWelfare check on patient in Tachumshine; Transporting home carers to patients; Providing hot food for 40 people in Control Centre;  From early morning, 2nd March responded to HSE calls for staff transport and for patient transport for dialysis treatment from Gorey to Wexford; distributed Meals on Wheels in Wexford Town, New Ross and Gorey; Transportinig nurses to and from Wexford General Hospital; Set up coordination centre in Wexford County Council; Supplied beds and blankets for homeless shelter in Enniscorthy. (Stood Down 6pm, 6th March –  On standby)


  • Wicklow – 13 members; 5 x 4WD Vehicles

On 5th March delivered medical supplies, transported district nurses for HSE and monitored phone lines at control centre; Transported dialysis on morning of 4th March and monitored flood water levels at Kilcoole, Newcastle, Glencree and Arklow;  Assisted HSE Ambulance crew in difficulty on motorway, assisted HSE Ambulance crew in  Kilmacanogue;  Evacuated one person from isolated home to hotel in Arklow; Transported Lab Technicians and Doctors to St Michael’s Dun Laoighaire; Transported numerous dialysis patients from Red Cross, Avoca, Wicklow Town and Bray to Elm Park Hospital, St Vincents Hospital and Beacon Hospital for treatment; Assisted Gardai in Wicklow Town and Bray following flooding; Assisted Gardaí to assist person trapped in car in snowdrift; Provided beds to emergency shelter;  Transported care workers to and from their clients;  Transported patients to nursing homes; Assisted Gardaí in Bray and Baltinglass with traffic management;  Transported essential Local Authority staff to work; Assisted with delivery of meals on wheels in Bray; Set up Control Centre and manned phone lines.  (Stood down, 6th March – On Standby)


  • Kildare – 8 members; 6x 4WD Vehicles

Tasked on 5th March to assist with medical emergency in Kilteel with assistance of All-Terrain Vehicle; Tasked with two duties for 4th March – Assisting Ambulance Service in Kilcock and transportation of a dialysis patient for treatment; Liaised with Irish Coastguard with airlift of two children to hospital from Kilteel; Transported patients to Naas and Tallaght Hospital; Transported a number of homeless people to emergency accommodation; Transported Nurses and Doctors to and from Naas Hospital; Transported a number of patients to hospital and transported a number of patients to their homes; Assisted an Garda Síochána with transportation. (Stood down 6pm, 5th March – On standby thereafter))


  • Offaly – 10 members; 3 x 4WD Vehicles

Transported nurses, medical staff, Oncology support personnel to Tullamore Hospital; Assisted with delivery of Meals on Wheels.(Stood Down 8pm,  3rd March – On standby)


  • Laois – 22 members; 5 x 4WD Vehicles; 1 4WD Ambulance

A crew of six personnel, 3x 4WD Vehicles and 6 x Tetra Radios deployed to assist with patient transfers at Wexford General Hospital on afternoon of  4th March; Seven taskings scheduled for this morning, 4th March – transporting patients to Hospital and home carers to calls in isolated areas;  Unit responded to a total of 17 ‘999’ calls on behalf of the HSE since 28th February; Active from 5.30 am on 3rd March –   65 requests responded to in total; Transported 15 patients for Dialysis treatment in Tullamore Hospital; Transported home carers to customers throughout the county; Transported staff to Portlaoise Hospital, Tullamore Hospital and three separate nursing homes in Laois;  Checked on vulnerable people; Delivered blood supplies to Tullamore Hospital; Checked on vulnerable adults and the elderly, delivering heaters where needed; manned local authority emergency phone lines. (Stood down 4th March – On standby) *Assisted in Wexford on 4th March


  • Carlow – 10 members; 5 x 4WD Vehicles

Transported doctors in north Carlow on 5th March; Transported dialysis patients for treatment to Waterford Hospital on 4th March; Transported nursing staff to patients; Transported medication to isolated patients; Transported heart patient to Hospital; members manning Emergency Call Centre (Stood Down 5thMarch – On standby)


  • Kilkenny – 5 members; 2 X 4WD Vehicles

On 4th March transported two dialysis patients to and from treatment and transporting care worker to patients home on behalf of the Irish Wheelchair Association;  Active from 6am to 7pm on 3rd March, transported 5 patients from differing rural areas for dialysis treatment; Transported care worker to and from patients home; Delivered food provisions to family isolated due to snow; Transported a carer from St Patricks Residential Centre to a base in Muckalee; Transported a carer from Ballyfoyle on return trip to St Patricks; Delivered Soup from a Hotel to a Homeless Shelter; Transported Council Plumber and Electrician to elderly lady with frozen pipes; Delivered sleeping bags to St Patricks residential centre; Transported carer to and from calls; Transported Dialysis patient to and from treatment; Transported Special Needs Centre Employee to work (Stood Down, 4th March – On standby)


  • Meath – 10 members; 6 x 4WD Vehicles

Tasked with transportation of home carers to clients throughout the county on 4th March;  104 individual transport taskings completed at end of day on 3rd March; Transported nurses and care staff to hospitals, nursing homes, home visits and  medication runs;  Assisted people with snow clearing; Ensured people had ample food supplies; Transported dialysis patients; Transported 13 Nurses from around county to Drogheda Hospital on evening of 28th and a further 15 nurses on morning of 1st March; Transported Nurses and Patients home from Hospital; Assisted with delivery of Meals on Wheels in Duleek, Dunboyne and Kells. (Stood Down afternoon of 4th March – On standby)


  • Westmeath – 10 members; 5 x 4WD Vehicles

Four taskings scheduled for 4th March – Transporting three dialysis patients for treatment in Tullamore and Cavan and transporting HSE staff member to and from work; Active from 6am to 11pm daily since 28th February; Transported eight dialysis patients for treatment on 3rd March; Transported ill baby from Gartlanstown to Mullingar Hospital; Assessed and transferred person with suspected ruptured gallbladder to Mullingar Hospital;  Transported dialysis patients for treatment; Delivered medication, food and fuel to isolated homes; Transported elderly people to collect pensions;  Transported Essential Council Staff, HSE Nursing Staff, Medical Laboratory staff and Home Care Nursing Staff. (Expect to be stood down by noon, 4th March – On standby thereafter)


  • Louth – 12 members; 3 x 4WD Vehicles

Delivered water to vulnerable people; Transported bone marrow from Belfast Airport to St James Hospital on behalf of aeromedical service; Transported HSE staff to facilitate the opening of an extra homeless shelter; Transported Palliative Care Nurse from Drogheda Hospital to several patients; Transported Home Care Personnel to patients. (Stood Down 6pm, 3rd March – On standby)


  • Cork West – 14 members; 4 x 4WD Vehicles

Conducted 12 patient transfers and transported district nurses to vulnerable clients up to 10pm on 3rd March; Providing support to vulnerable persons; Emergency patient transfer to Bantry Hospital from Ballineen , on 2nd March; Transported essential staff to work in Skibbereen; Conducted mobility taskings for Gardaí in Clonakilty; Conducted 12 patient transfers on 28th February; Transported vulnerable patients from adult disability centre in Skibbereen to their homes in Dunmanway, Bantry and Clonakility.  Activated as severe weather resilience desk providing a focal point for Voluntary Emergency Services to support the PRAs. (Stood Down 10pm, 3rd March – On standby)


  • Cork North – 16 members; 5 x 4WD Vehicles

Transported district nurse on house calls in Mallow area; Transported HSE staff to and from work; Collected a nurse who had been stranded for a number of days in Castletownroche; Transported dialysis patients from Cork University Hospital to Bandon; Transferred patient from Cork University Hospital to Doneraile; Transported stranded paramedic from Kanturk to Burnfort;  On duty from 6.30 am to 10.30 pm on 2nd March; Transported medical staff and dialysis patients to and from Hospital; Transported Local authority and Irish Water staff to facilitate repairs to Mallow water supply; Transported National Ambulance Service staff from Mallow, Kinsale and Cobh to Ambulance Bases in Cork and Fermoy; Transported healthcare staff from Mallow to Glanmire; Transferred emergency medical personnel to Mallow General Hospital from Cork and emergency medical personnel from Kinsale to Fermoy; Collected two patients from Cork University Hospital and transported them to Inishannon. (Stood Down 8pm, 3rd March – On standby)


  • Cork South – 7 members; 3 x 4WD Vehicles

Performed 42 dialysis transfers to and from Cork University Hospital; Transported 17 key emergency department staff; Transported council engineers to check on roads; Transported Gardaí to crime scenes on two occasions; Delivered medicines to four children; Transported tow sick children and Mothers as well as one pregnant woman to hospital from inaccessible areas; Transported one bride to a wedding in Cobh; Recovered three Ambulances from ditches; Responded to 11 calls for assistance from Gardaí and 14 calls from National Ambulance Service.   (Stood down, 4th March – On standby)


  • Cork City – 8 members; 4 x 4WD Vehicles

Commenced taskings at 8.15am on 3rd March; Provided support to vulnerable member of the public; Transported  a total of 35 dialysis patients to and from Cork University Hospital and Mercy Hospital over the course of two days; Transported  five public health nurses to and from calls; Transported essential Local Authority and Fire Service personnel to coordination centre; Three collections and distributions of hot food to emergency crews; Transported relief nursing staff;  Transported two patients to Hospice; Transported a number of patients home from hospital; Transported people from Cork Airport to City Centre; Transported HSE cooks from Nursing Home; Delivered Gel Bags to vulnerable elderly people; Provided 50 blankets following request from Cork  Airport; Dealt with a total of 115 phone requests. (Stood Down 6pm, 3rd March – On standby)


  • Kerry – 35 members; 3 x 4WD Vehicles; 2 x Transits; 1 x Unimog Truck; 1 Mobile Welfare Unit

On duty form 6am-4pm on 3rd March; Transported 50 HSE staff from Hotel to Hospital; Transported public health nurses and dialysis patients throughout the day; Nine members manned the severe weather resilience desk overnight in to morning of 2nd March providing a focal point for Voluntary Emergency Services to support the PRAs; Transported five essential staff to Tarbert Power Plant; Transported 60 HSE staff from local hotel to Hospital for duty. (Stood Down 4pm, 3rd March – On standby)


  • Clare – 12 members; 3 x 4WD Vehicles

Calls ongoing until 3pm on Sunday 4th March;  Agreed to clear footpaths for mass-goers before Saturday evening mass; Eight dialysis patients transported to Limerick Hospital on 2nd March; Transported doctors and nurses from Ennis to Limerick Regional and Maternity hospitals;   Transported Paramedics to ambulance base in Ennistymon; Transported Doctors to Shannondoc in Miltown Malbay; Transported nurses from Cranny to Ennis Hospital;  Transported nurses from Toonagh, Fountain to Acute Ward in Ennis Hospital;  Transported carers  throughout the environs of Ennis; Transported a Mother and Child to and from Gort Road to Shannondoc; Transported three Public Health Nurses to calls; 12 members, including Paramedics and EMTs remained in unit HQ overnight on 1st March. (Stood Down 3pm, 4th March – On standby)


  • Tipperary – 38 members; 12 x 4WD Vehicles

Crews of seven personnel including EMTs and EFRs with 4 x 4WD Vehicles were deployed to assist with patient transfers at Wexford General Hospital 4th-5th March;  Delivered sandbags in Clonmel; Provided transport to Nenagh Gardaí; Recovered stranded hillwalker on Keeper Hill, treated him and transferred him to HSE Ambulance; Delivered Food Parcels to isolated homes; Collected and delivered prescriptions to homes; Transported maternity patient to Hospital; Transported nursing home staff in Roscrea and Nenagh;  Transported nursing staff to Rehab Care in Nenagh; Transpored HSE community care staff to priority calls in remote areas; Transported National Ambulance staff to work; Transported nursing staff to St Luke’s Kilkenny; Transported nurse to Tipperary General Hospital; Transported distributors of Meals on Wheels; Collected and delivered important planning files from Clonmel to Nenagh; Provided camp beds to the Fire Service personnel. (Stood Down 8pm, 5th March – On standby) * Assisted in Wexford 4th– 5th March


  • Limerick – 5 members; 5 x 4WD Vehicles

Limerick Civil Defence were put on Standby by Limerick City & County Council on Monday, Feb 26th during the Crisis Management Meeting where Jos Kirby and Cecilia O’Flaherty were present. ​During this period Palliative Care nurses were transferred to and from Milford Hospice, Limerick.  Transfers requested by the HSE included nurses to the Maternity Hospital, University Hosipital, Croom Hospital and St. John’s Hospital in Limerick; Other transfers requested by the Local Authority included staff from the Munster Regional Control Centre and urgent requests; There were 19 transfers in total which were carried out by 5 members with 5 4X4 wheel drive jeeps; The Severe Weather Assessment Team (part of the Limerick City & County Council Crisis Management Team) met twice daily over the entire period until Limerick Civil Defence were stood down (Stood Down, 5rd March – On standby)


  • Waterford – 8 members; 4 x 4WD Vehicles

Volunteers in Waterford County tasked with continuation of duties on 5th March , namely transporting HSE staff to and from Hospitals; Transporting Council Water staff to check on remote water wells and pump houses;  Transporting Fire Service and Road Section staff  to bases; Three crews deployed to transport essential staff to and from hospitals and care homes; Transported ten dialysis patients for treatment; Transported care workers to their clients;  transported on-call Fire Service and Roads Section personnel; Welfare facilities are being used for Army personnel based in Barracks for duration; Checked on vulnerable adults and the elderly in remote areas of county. (Waterford City Stood Down 9.30am, 4th March – On standby) ( Waterford County Stood Down 6pm, 5th March – On standby)


  • Roscommon – 8 members; 4 x 4WD Vehicles

Provided transport to critical HSE staff on home visits; Transported staff to and from Roscommon County Hospital; Provided transport to Brothers of Charity and An Garda Síochána;  Transported two people from Irish Wheelchair Association Cuisle Respite Centre in Doonamon to Dublin; Provided transport to Gardaí to remote locations. CDO attended planning meetings with HSE, Local Authority and Gardaí. (Stood Down 7pm, 3rd March – On standby


  • Monaghan – 17 members; 2 x 4WD Vehicles

On duty from 6am on 3rd March transporting catering staff to and from St Davnet’s Hospital, Monaghan Town; Transporting staff to and from St Mary’s Nursing Home, Castleblaney; Transported key staff and Doctors to Monaghan and Drogheda Hospitals;  Transported community nurses for home visits; Assisted with patient transfers from Drogheda Hospital to Monaghan and Cavan; Transported National Ambulance Service staff to Ambulance stations; Provided camp beds to Fire Service;  Command & Control set up to manage large volume of requests; Transported patient for dialysis from Monaghan to Drogheda; Transported patient from Beacon Hospital Dialysis Unit to homes in Drogheda; Transported Doctor to Monaghan hospital; Transported nursing staff to Drogheda and Monaghan Hospitals; Transported Nursing Staff on home visits in south Monaghan; Assisted with distribution of Meals on Wheels in Monaghan town; Provided transport to Gardaí. (Stood Down 6.30pm, 3rd March – On standby)


  • Sligo – 2 members; 1 x 4WD Vehicle

Transported a patient from her home to a Nursing Home; Assisted with delivery of meals on wheels in Grange/Mullaghmore. (Stood Down, 3rd March – On standby)


  • Leitrim – 4 members; 2 x 4WD Vehicles

Responded to medical emergency in Aughacashel area – patient treated until handover to HSE Ambulance Service.  (Stood Down, 2nd March – On standby)


  • Galway – 16 members; 9x 4WD Vehicles; 3 x Ambulances

Active from 4.45am – 9pm on 3rd March; Assisted paramedic crews  that got into difficulty on isolated roads by recovering Ambulances and conducted patient transfers;  Transported home help carers and public health nurses to and form their calls; Transported critical nursing staff to Hospitals in Ballinasloe and Galway; Transported 12 Public Health Nurses to patients in the east and south of Galway; Assisted with critical staff changeover at Galway Hospice; One Ambulance transfer for the HSE from a patients home to a respite facility. (Stood Down 9pm, 3rd March – On standby)


  • Mayo – 6 members; 3 x 4WD Vehicles

Transported Public Health Nurses to and from Calls throughout the county. (Stood Down, 3rd March – On standby)


  • Cavan – 15 members; 5 x 4WD Vehicles; 1 x 4WD Ambulance

On 4th March tasked with transporting HSE staff and District Nurses to and from their places of work until 10.30pm; Transported five dialysis patients for treatment; Transported District Nurses, and Home Carers to reach patients; Transported hospital staff to and from hospitals; Delivered peg-food and medical equipment to home bound patients; Transported staff and conducted patient transfers to nursing homes to free up beds in hospitals (Stood Down 5th March – On standby).


  • Donegal – 6 members; 2 x 4WD Vehicles

Transporting home care support workers in the Dungloe, Falcarragh and Ardara areas; Transported triage nursing staff to Letterkenny; Transported patients from Falcarragh to Letterkenny University Hospital for Renal Dialysis; Transported housebound patient to Falcarragh Nursing Unit. (Stood Down, 4th March – On standby).


Nationwide photos of Civil Defence during Storm Emma

* Civil Defence has 3,500 volunteers based in every Local Authority area in the country. Civil Defence has a wide range of equipment to deal with severe weather including 88 Boats, 47 Fire Tenders, 9 Floating Pontoon Units and 130 Four Wheel Drive vehicles.