Civil Defence Flood Relief Efforts

4 January 2016

 Civil Defence Flood Relief Efforts – (27th December 2015- 4th January 2016)

Since the second rise in water levels on 28th December, a total of 317 Civil Defence Volunteers from across 28 local authority areas have been deployed to numerous duties in the countrywide flood relief effort.


  • Leitrim (3rd January 2016)


4 volunteers were deployed to assist Longford Civil Defence with relief efforts.

1x 4WD vehicles and 1 inflatable boat utilised.


  • Tipperary (28th December 2015 – 4th January 2016)


20 volunteers were deployed from the Swiftwater teams, Boat Unit, Welfare Unit and Communications Unit, evacuating people form flooded homes in Clonmel and Carrick-on-Suir, distributing sandbags to ouliying areas of Grange, Kilsheelan and Ardfinnan, transported Dept of Social Protection staff, assisted with the clean-up operation in numerous areas, logged calls for the Communications Centre in Clonmel, provided catering for members of all the agencies involved in the relief efforts.

6 X 4WDs, 2 Minibuses, 1 Control Van, 1 Ambulance and 1 Boat were utilised.


  • Monaghan (3rd January 2016)


6 volunteers assisted with evacuation of family from flooded home in Castleblayney.

1X Boat utilised.


  • Kildare (30th December 2015 – 4th January 2016)


8 volunteers were deployed following flooding of the river Barrow in Athy, assisted with sand bagging at Kileenmore Straffan, monitoring river levels, traffic control on flooded and closed roads, assisted householders following roof damage, checked on flooded homes at Levittstown, Athy.

3X4WD vehicles utilised.


  • Waterford (28th December -2nd January 2016)


12 volunteers responded to a number of calls to assist farmers to check or reach livestock isolated by flood waters. Water levels monitored in affected areas along the River Blackwater.

3X4WD vehicles, 1 Boat, 1 Communications vehicle utilised.


  • Limerick (30th December 2015 – 4th January 2016)


10 volunteers were deployed distributing sand-bags, pumping flood waters from homes and providing catering facilities for Local Authoring personnel.

2X4WD Vehicles, 1 Search and Rescue vehicle, generators and pumps utilised.


  • Meath (30th December)


17 Volunteers were deployed to Navan checking on home owners under imminent threat of flooding, filling and deploying sand bags, alerting residents in 120 apartments of the imminent flood threat to the underground car park and assisting in removing property, assisting Gardai with traffic diversions.

3X4WD Vehicles, 1X Personnel Carrier, 1X Support Van utilised.


  • Wexford (30th December – 31st December 2015)


11 volunteers were deployed to Enniscorthy checking on residents in Island Road and Templeshannon, providing assistance and transportation as required, monitoring flood water levels.

3X4WD vehicles, 1X Minibus, 1X Boat utilised.


  • Offaly (28th December 2015 – 4th January 2016)


12 volunteers were deployed filling and distributing 1,700 sand bags, evacuation of housing estate, pumping flood waters.

2X4WD vehicles, 1X minibus, portable pumps were utilised.


  • Wicklow (30th December 2015 – 3rd January 2016)


18 volunteers deployed pumping flood water in Arklow and sand bagging in Bray, Aughrim, Wicklow town and Kilcoole, monitoring tide levels in Wicklow town, Arklow and Greystones and Bray harbour areas, monitoring Ashtown Reservoir in Wicklow town.

5X4WD vehicles, 1X Flood response unit and 1X trailer utilised.



  • Carlow (30th December 2015 – 2nd January 2016)


8 volunteers were deployed to assist in evacuating families from flooded homes, assisted fire services with water pumping in South Carlow.

2X4WD vehicles, 1X Van and 1 Boat were utilised


  • Laois (28th December 2015 – 3rd January 2016)


16 volunteers were deployed to distribute sand bags in the Camross area, and Ballyfin road, Cloncannon, Drinagh and Derrycloney road. Boat unit assisted to transport a Mountmellick hospital staff member from her flooded home to work. Assisted with movement of farm animals from flooded land. Evacuation of family from flooded home in Portarlington

4X4WD Vehicles, 2 vans, 1 boat and 2 trailers were utilised.


  • Cork City (2nd January 2016)


5 volunteers were deployed to provide emergency bedding to Local Authority for possible evacuations.

2X4WD vehicles, 62 sleeping bags, 30 liners and 50 blankets were utilised.


  • Clare (28th December 2015 – 4th January 2016)


5 Clare Civil Defence volunteers deployed providing transport and provisions to families in Springfield, Clonlara.  CDO met with Minister for Defence on 3rd January 2016 and flood victims of East Clare.

1 X4WD vehicle, 1 Van and 1Boat were utilised.


  • Cork West (30th December 2015)


27 volunteers deployed to Skibbereen, engaged in incident control, sand-bag walling and flood pump tasks, opening of storm drains and traffic management. Swiftwater responder teams assisted with movement of vulnerable persons.

3X4WD vehicles, 1 Minibus, AFS Pumps and swift water equipment utilised.



  • Galway (28th December 2015 – 4th January 2016)


11 Volunteers deployed, distributing sand-bags in Gort, Swiftwater responders assisted in removing livestock at risk from flooded farm yards in the Gort area.

3X4WD vehicles, 1X Minibus, 1X Van, 2X Boats and pontoons were utilised.


  • Cork South (29th December – 4th January 2016)


20 volunteers deployed transporting people to and from flooded homes, distributing sand-bags, pumping flood water from homes, assisting with pumping of water at Castlemartyr from N25 Waterford to Cork road,  transporting hospital staff to and from place of work.

3X4WD vehicles, 2X minibuses, 1X Swift water equipment vehicle(Swift water equipment used including rescues raft and dry suits) 1X inflatable Rib, 2X Portal pumps.


  • Cork North (30th December 2015 – 3rd January 2016)

29 volunteers supported Cork South Civil Defence in evacuation of families from flooded homes in Middleton, pumping flood waters and assisting with clean up operations. Transport and assistance provided to people isolated by flood waters in Fermoy. Filled and distributed sandbags throughout North Cork.

3X4 WD vehicles, 1X minibus, 1XBoat, 1X Van

  • Roscommon (30th December 2015 – 4th January 2016)

6 volunteers deployed evacuating residents from flooded homes and providing transport to     householders isolated due to flooded waters.

3X4WD vehicles, 1X Boat, 4X radios, life jackets, lights and wading poles were utilised.


  • Kilkenny (29th December 2015 – 1st January  2016)

15 volunteers were deployed filling and distributing sand bags throughout the south of the county and transporting of vulnerable persons in worst affected areas, assisted Fire Services and Defence Forces to divert a river that had burst its banks in Freshford, evacuation of 15 persons from flooded homes in Inistioge, deployed sand bags to Thomastown and Graiguenamanagh, rescued Kayaker on River Nore. Assisted with the diversion of the Nuenna river in Freshford.

3X4WD vehicles 1X mini bus, 2 Boats were utilised.

  •    Cavan (28th December- 4th January 2016)

Transportation provided to households cut off by rising waters on the Erne at Drumard. Transporting fodder to cattle, transporting Post Man on his rounds, transporting carer to an elderly lady and distributing food provisions to isolated families.

2X4WD vehicles, 2 Inflatable boats utilised.


  • Kerry (29th December 2015- 31st December 2015)

26 volunteers were deployed to Killarney distributing sand bags to houses and businesses, rescued people from cars in flooded waters, evacuated elderly couple from their home in the early hours of Wednesday morning, carried out welfare checks on homes, sand bags distributed to residents in Killorglin area

6X4WD vehicles, 1 truck, 1 mobile kitchen, 1 trailer, 1 control van and 9 tetra radios were utilised.


  • Waterford City (30th – 31st December 2015)

6 Volunteers deployed to assist the ESB in Kilmeadan area following damage to power lines due to fallen trees- utilising the boat to join cables etc.

2X4WD vehicles, 1X Boat, 1 Van were utilised.


  • Monaghan (3rd January 2016)

5 volunteers were deployed to assist with evacuation of a family from their flooded home near Castleblaney.

1X Boat, 1X4WD vehicle utilised.


  •    Longford (28th December 2015 – 4th January 2016)

12 volunteers were deployed distributing sand-bags, transporting people to town for provisions, co-ordinating flood response within Local Authority and monitoring water levels throughout the county.

6X4WD vehicles, 3X Boats, 1XAmphidious Quad, 1XBoat support vehicle, water pumps and life-jackets utilised.


  • Dublin (4th January 2016)

4 volunteers with All terrain vehicle deployed to assist Longford Civil Defence .

1X all terrain vehicle, 1X truck utilised.


  • Westmeath (24th December 2015- 4th January 2016)

14 volunteers deployed assisting with evacuation of families, moving /raising furniture, supplementing sandbags to flooded homes throughout Athlone, providing medical checks to vulnerable people, distributed public health notices, assisted individuals in rural areas and monitoring water levels in worst affected areas.

3 Passenger 4WD vehicles, 2 Commercial 4WD vehicles, 1 Van, were utilised.


*Civil Defence Units remain on standby to assist as required. Civil Defence has 4,000 volunteers based in every Local Authority area in the country. Civil Defence has a wide range of equipment to deal with flooding including 88 Boats, 47 Fire Tenders, 9 Floating Pontoon Units and 130 Four Wheel Drive vehicles.