Bringing Clive Home – Civil Defence and the Cope Foundation

30 May 2018

Cork City Civil Defence Unit are providing a priceless service in assisting the Cope Foundation by providing transportation to Clive on his regular visits to his family.

The team at Cope Foundation’s Residential Centre at Ashville recently received national recognition for their ‘Bringing Clive Home’ initiative.

Clive is a 38 year old man who lives in the Cope Residential Centre at Ashville. It had been 25 years since Clive visited home. He has high support needs. He is unable to use the usual forms of transport such as buses and cars. He requires Ambulance assistance to support him. On a request from the family the staff at Ashville examined if it was possible to arrange a home visit for Clive. One Nurse suggested asking Civil Defence if they were in a position to bring Clive from Ashville to his home for a visit and thankfully Civil Defence were happy to help. Accompanied by his nursing support and ambulance team, Clive was ready for his first visit home in 25 years. Neighbours, friends and extended family turned out for the first , with balloons awaiting his arrival.

Initially  two staff nurses stayed with Clive and his family during home visits. Now, a nurse goes and settles him and then returns to base, with a nurse on call for support. Clive’s family have become confident in supporting him for the duration of his home visits and text if in need of assistance. The initiative has provided Clive with the opportunity to be seen and heard and valued for the incredible person that he is. Attending to Clive’s holistic needs has resulted in a shift in focus from the difficulties of his high support needs to the joy and laughter he brings, his fun-loving positivity and his invaluable contribution to society.

The work done to bring Clive home is a very real example of Cope Foundation’s overall strategy for and belief in ‘Enhacing People’s Lives’. Civil Defence is privileged to be a part of this great success story.