Avian Flu & Boating Exercise

16 March 2016

An Avian flu and boating exercise was held at the National Rowing Centre at Farran, Cork on 12th March. There were three elements to the exercise. Firstly, the Department of Agriculture did a workshop on the donning and doffing of protective equipment over a drysuit. In the event of an avian flu incident Civil Defence will assist the Department of Agriculture in recovering dead swans etc from rivers and lakes.

The second part of the exercise was a practical talk on the use of sonar in searching for people in waterways. Civil Defence is regularly involved in searching waterways for missing people. Sonar equipment has proved useful in these searches. Civil Defence will be purchasing additional sonar units during 2016.

The final part of the exercise was a boat navigation exercise practicing the use of GPS and proper radio procedures.

Volunteers from Kerry, Cork North, Cork City, Cork South and Waterford Civil Defence Units took part in the exercise. Leitrim Civil Defence assisted with the sonar element of the exercise and Kerry Civil Defence assisted with catering.

Avian Flu Exercise Photos