Wicklow Civil Defence – Missing Person Search Operations

24 April 2015

Wicklow Civil Defence – Missing Person Search Operations

Wicklow Civil Defence personnel were called upon on three occasions over the last number of weeks to assist the Garda Siochana in the search for a number of missing persons.

26th March 2015

The first search operation occurred on 26th March when a 67 year old man was reported missing. A native of Celbridge, the man’s car was discovered in the car park of Crone Wood which is adjacent to the Powerscourt Estate in County Wicklow.

Because of the nature of the terrain and size of the forest Dublin Civil Defence were asked for assistance in the search. As 19 Civil Defence members assembled to commence the search, the crew of a Garda helicopter spotted a person in the wood. The helicopter remained overhead while Garda and Civil Defence personnel made their way to the scene. Following an examination by a doctor, Civil Defence personnel removed the remains of the missing man to a waiting hearse.

Celbridge and Wicklow Gardaí thanked Civil Defence for the assistance provided and also extended the grateful acknowledgement of the family of the missing man.

CISM and debrief procedures were implemented for Civil Defence members as soon as stand-down was called.

6th April 2015

The second Missing Person search took place in the Murrough area of Wicklow town. A search for the missing 47 year old woman was called by Wicklow Gardaí after serious concerns were raised as to the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the woman.

Assistance from Dublin Civil Defence was once again sought and Wicklow civil Defence was grateful for the assistance received. A total of 29 Civil Defence personnel attended the search. The search began at 8am and was led by Garda search managers. A large number of members of the general public and the Coast Guard helicopter joined in the search.

The search continued until lunchtime with no developments. It was agreed to resume at 2pm and to widen the search area. As Civil Defence personnel and members of the public gathered to resume the search, Wicklow Gardaí advised Civil Defence Officers a major development had occurred during lunchtime. As a consequence of these developments the search was immediately suspended. A local man was later arrested and subsequently charged with criminal offences arising from the disappearance of the woman.

Wicklow Gardaí and family members extended their thanks to Civil Defence for the assistance received during the search.

 18th April 2015

The most recent Missing Person search had Garda and Civil Defence personnel concentrate their efforts on the area of Bray Head and the Cliff Walk to Greystones.

A Garda patrol discovered a car belonging to the missing man, a 33 year old originally from Zimbabwe, in the car park at the foot of Bray Head. 15 Wicklow Civil Defence members were joined by a small number of Gardaí and over 50 work colleagues and family members in the search.

The railway line, Bray Head, the Cliff Walk and shoreline were searched throughout the morning. In consultation with Civil Defence, the Gardaí decided to stand-down the family and public volunteers before lunchtime. Wicklow Civil Defence agreed to continue the search on the south side of Bray Head during the afternoon.

Following an extensive search no trace was found of the missing man. The search was stood down at 4pm. The Gardaí advised Civil Defence they would now follow up other leads for the missing man and thanked Civil Defence for their assistance.

CDO Appreciation

Civil Defence Officer, Michael Richardson thanked all Civil Defence personnel for giving of their time and assistance during the various searches. Mr Richardson was also very grateful for the assistance received from Dublin civil Defence in two of the recent searches and was delighted with the way Civil Defence members co-operated and worked together during the search operations.