Emergency Response


Civil Defence provides second line support to the fire service. Volunteer skills include pumping and transfer of water. During environmental and flooding events Civil Defence provide personnel and equipment in support of the Local Authority Fire Services.

Volunteers are qualified as instructors in Water Awareness; which informs volunteers of the dangers and difficulties working near water, this may be during a missing persons search or a flood event. Civil Defence instructors can also certify Basic Water Rescuer, Swiftwater & Flood First Responder. These qualifications are invaluable in flooding and other environmental emergencies.


The Welfare service is one of the most important services provided by Civil Defence.  The welfare service is divided into two areas; Food Preparation and Safety and Evacuation of Displaced people. Both sections provide a very important service, which may be required at every emergency situation.

Civil Defence volunteers are qualified to prepare food to high standards, purchase and safe storage of food prior to serving is part of the training. Volunteers are certified by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

Setting up of Evacuation Centres and Registering people attending such centres is a role allocated to Civil Defence under the Major Emergency Framework. Civil Defence supports the Primary Response Agencies during such emergencies, specifically in the registration, feeding and other supports to people in need.


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