Civil Defence operates a number of radio communications systems. These include:

  • V.H.F (Very High Frequency) system which provides wide-area radio coverage. This is a national system that incorporates a network of radio base stations and hill-top radio repeater sites throughout the country. This enables communications between the headquarters and Civil Defence vehicles in each county area.
  • U.H.F (Ultra High Frequency) system that is used mainly for on-site radio communications. This provides local radio coverage at incident sites and local areas of operation utilising U.H.F Mobile Radios, fitted to vehicles and Handheld Radios.

Civil Defence also operates a number of TETRA digital radio terminals which provide inter-communication with the primary response agencies, such as the Gardai, HSE and the Fire Services.

For its water based operations, Civil Defence utilises Marine V.H.F. radio which enables communications between the boat crews and other marine agencies such as the R.N.L.I., the Coast Guard and the various coastal and harbour radio stations.

Communications training is provided on all aspects of Civil Defence radio operations.

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