Message from Paul Kehoe, TD

27 June 2020

Dear Civil Defence Officers and Volunteers,

In my time as Minister I have always being greatly impressed by the vibrancy and enthusiasm of the Civil Defence Organisation.  Operating in every county, your efforts reflect your commitment to your local community and in return you and the entire Civil Defence organisation are held in the highest esteem by those you serve.

I want to take this opportunity to convey to you my thanks and appreciation for all that you do through the Civil Defence organisation.  Whether it is responding to incidents of flooding, snow storms or working at community events your efforts represent the very best of Irish society.  Over the last few months as the country has come together in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic you have given of your time so that others may be safe.  In total 849 different Civil Defence volunteers have provided support totalling 24,003 volunteer hours and 2,984 taskings.  This is a very impressive contribution.

On a personal note, I have always enjoyed attending Civil Defence events and functions.  Each time I received a great welcome and was always treated with the utmost respect.

Wishing you and everyone involved in Civil Defence the very best for the future.

Yours sincerely,


Paul Kehoe, TD
Minister with responsibility for Defence