First Aid Responder

First Aid Response (FAR)

Welcome to our FAR Re-certification Support.

Scope of course:

  • Specially aimed at volunteers recertifying in FAR
  • Content explores the theoretical elements of the FAR course

Practical elements of the course:

  • Following completion of the theory and MCQs, the practical skills with be completed with your instructor(s)

Formal Theory Exam: Maybe undertaken online in consultation with your CDO and instructor(s)

Clinical Practice Guidlelines for FAR

FAR_Module 1_Patient Assessment

FAR_Module 2_Incident Procedure

FAR_Module 3_Cardiac First Response

FAR_Module 4_Common Medical Emergencies

FAR_Module 5_Injury Management and Shock

FAR_Module 6_Care of the Unconscious Patient

FAR_Module 7_Burns & Electrical Injury Care

FAR_Module 8_Hypothermia & Hpyerthermia

FAR_Module 9_Information Management

FAR_Module 10_Communications

FAR_Module 11_The Well-being of the Responder

First Aid Response Education and Training Standard V1.2 for web

FAR Skills Assessment Sheets 2017

Guide for completing ACR

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