Tipperary Civil Defence – Inshore Rescue Boat

26 May 2016

During the naming ceremony of Waterford City CRBI’s new training boat “The Kenneth and Wayne Scannell” a call was received by MRCC concerning a yacht aground in the channel at Waterford Castle .

Tipperary Civil Defence launched their D-Class Inshore Rescue Boat in support of Waterford CRBI vessel “Trisha Neill” .  The casualty vessel was aground in exceptionally shallow water which prevented the CRBI from getting close enough to establish a tow line .  Tipperary Civil Defence was able to establish the tow line due to the shallow draught of the D-Class and tow the vessel into the channel so the CRBI could get a line on and recover the vessel to Waterford City marina .

A great example of Inter Agency cooperation.

Well done to Waterford City CRBI , Tipperary Civil Defence and MRCC for a job well done .

Tipperary Inshore Rescue Boat photos