Sligo, Lough Gill Rescue

27 November 2017

On Sunday evening 26th November Sligo Civil Defence was activated following a call from Malin Head requesting assistance to a fisherman on Lough Gill. The gentleman’s boat engine had stopped and he had lost his oars. He was located between Beezies Island and Dooney Rock. He successfully made it to the island by hand paddling in very poor weather conditions. Civil Defence assembled a crew of four, two boating personnel and two from the unit’s Ambulance crew.  Civil Defence liaised with the Sligo Sub Aqua team as darkness had fallen. Both crews were very familiar with the lake and with the aid of lighting from the Sligo Gardaí the short journey was made to the island and the fisherman was brought safely ashore.

The fisherman was very grateful to each of the groups that provided assistance.