Search Dog Training

8 October 2019

From Friday the 4th through to Sunday, the 6th of October 2019, Civil Defence canine teams were assessed for licencing by an independent assessor. Assessment commenced on the range in the Phoenix Park at  9pm on Friday where both the victim recovery and air scenting canine teams were put through their paces around the buildings and tunnels of the Phoenix Training Centre. At approximately 11pm the air scenting canine teams were assessed for night time deployment on the 15 acres in the Phoenix Park. On Saturday the 5th,  canine units moved to Dowth Hall, where assessment was carried out in forestry, open farmland and along river banks. On Sunday the 6th, victim recovery canine teams were assessed on buried scent sources while the air scenting canine teams were assessed on casualties which were inaccessible to the dogs both at height and hidden inside scratch boxes deposited in buildings. The weekend terminated with a very successful hot debrief from the expert assessor.

This was the first time that Civil Defence canine teams have been assessed to the internationally recognised OSAC Dogs and Sensors Sub-Committee Standards. Congratulations to all handlers and a big thank you to all dogsbodies who attended and made the weekend so successful.