Clare Civil Defence Award

17 February 2020

Clare Civil Defence was awarded the Gold Award in the category of Emergency Response Person/Team of the Year at the All Ireland Community & Council Awards 2020 at an awards ceremony held in Croke Park on Saturday 15th February.  Clare Civil Defence was nominated by Clare County Counicil for the award.  A presentation was submitted as part of the awards process and in January of this year the entries were whittled down to three remaining nominees. The prestigious award is a reflection of the incredible service and commitment provided by Clare’s volunteer members to their local community and also a reflection of the commitment given by every volunteer member in every unit throughout the country.

Clare County Council should also be commended, illustrating the importance, respect and confidence that the elected members of Clare County Council, the Chief Executive and his senior management team have for Clare Civil Defence.

Civil Defence Officer, Noel Carmody stated ‘The members are truly deserving of this award.  Day in and day out throughout the entire year they commit fully to the ethos and principles of the Civil Defence organisation in responding to and for their community.  They do this without the expectation or desire for recognition but when it is received, and in such a fashion,  it means a great deal’.






The award being accepted on behalf of Clare Civil Defence by Mr. Sean Lenihan, Senior Engineer with Clare County Council  (second from left) and Ms. Clare Colleran Molloy, Deputy Mayor of Clare.