Civil Defence Flood Relief Efforts – 15th – 16th December 2015

16 December 2015

  • Westmeath


11 Westmeath Civil Defence volunteers were deployed on Tuesday monitoring water levels, deploying sandbags to flood threatened areas in Athlone and its environs, undertook medical checks on isolated people and delivered fuel to homes isolated by flood waters.

2 Passenger 4WD vehicles, 2 Commercial 4WD vehicles  and  1 Van were utilised.


  • Clare


5 Clare Civil Defence volunteers deployed providing transport and provisions to families in Springfield, Clonlara.

1  4WDs, 1 Van and 1Boat are being utilised.


  • Roscommon


6  Roscommon Civil Defence volunteers were deployed on Tuesday checking on people in flooded areas and monitoring water levels. Water levels will continue to be monitored on Wednesday.

2 4WDs, 1 Rescue Vehicle, 1 Boat, 2 Wading Poles and 4 Radios were utilised.


  • Limerick


6 Limerick Civil Defence volunteers  were deployed; 2 deployed assisting Council staff delivering dehumidifiers to flooded properties in Corbally and 4 deployed in the provision of catering facilities to local authority personnel

2  4WDs and 1 Van were utilised.


  • Tipperary

6 Tipperary volunteers deployed to assist with traffic diversions and transporting children to school.

2  4WDs  being utilised


  •  Longford

3  Longford Civil Defence volunteers were deployed to monitor flood water levels.

2  4WDs  were utilised.


  • Waterford

6 Waterford Civil Defence volunteers were deployed to monitor water levels along the River Blackwater

2  4WDs and 1 Comms. Vehicle were utilised


  • Cavan

1 Cavan Civil Defence volunteer deployed providing transport for families at Drumard for a 5 hour period.

1  4 WD was utilised.


*Civil Defence Units remain on standby to assist as required. Civil Defence has 4,500 volunteers based in every Local Authority area in the country. Civil Defence has a wide range of equipment to deal with ‘Storm Desmond’ Nationwide Relief Efforts Photosflooding including 88 Boats, 47 Fire Tenders, 9 Floating Pontoon Units and 130 Four Wheel Drive vehicles.