Carlow – Fire at Erin Foods Site

14 January 2015

Carlow Civil Defence played a very significant supportive role to the Gardaí during the course of the fire at the disused Erin Foods factory on Saturday 3rd January 2015.


  • Many roads leading to the site of the fire had to be closed off and Carlow Civil Defence was tasked to assist with traffic management by the Gardai. Roundabouts were managed and traffic successfully diverted by the Gardaí with the assistance of Civil Defence members.


  • Civil Defence members also ensured that onlookers were kept at a safe distance from the fire site.


  • A total of 12 Civil Defence members commenced duty at 4.40pm and remained on duty until close to midnight.


  • 1 Minibus and 3 4WD vehicles were utilised during the operation.