Safety Information Notice

28 September 2016

Safety Information Notice


Following the recent incident involving a National Ambulance Service Emergency Ambulance this Safety notice should be brought to the attention of all Civil Defence volunteers.


Volunteers are requested to ensure all medical gas cylinders (Oxygen and Entonox©) are secure within vehicles, and the regulators and flow meters are securely attached and checked for leaks.


Volunteers are reminded of the precautions around using Oxygen & Entonox Cylinders. (Please see Material Safety Data sheets at


Between duties medical gas should be switched off and remaining gas in the system should be bled off.


The prohibition of smoking and naked flames in the vicinity of Cylinders and the use of Oxygen & Entonox should be strictly enforced.


Investigations of the incident are ongoing and Civil Defence will act on any outcomes from the investigations.  In the meantime any issues or concerns in relation to the operating integrity of the medical gas system should be recorded and reported to your Civil Defence Officer immediately.