Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council – Advisory note

21 August 2019

Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council – Advisory note


The latest edition of the PHECC field guide is currently still in development.

Part of this development process involves circulating drafts of the guide to selected focus groups for feedback and correction of typographical errors etc. Unfortunately, it appears that drafts of the guide have unintentionally found their way into general circulation and are being discussed on social media and by other means. Not only has the current draft yet to be officially signed off and adopted by PHECC, it would appear that at least some of the drafts in circulation contain information that was changed or omitted in later versions.

In the interest of patient safety and to protect PHECC practitioners, PHECC is issuing the following statement.

All versions of the Field Guide to support the 2017 CPG s, in circulation are unofficial drafts and must not be used for clinical use. Please discard all content and do not use as reference in clinical settings.

The final draft of the PHECC Field Guide will be approved by the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) and then recommended to Council for formal adoption. It is planned to complete this process as soon as possible and then mark the launch of the revised PHECC Field Guide.

In the meantime, please note that only content that is published on the PHECC website is an official PHECC publication.


Richard Lodge

Director PHECC

Source: PHECC advisory note 2019