Next Stop Hollywood

1 June 2021

Clare Civil Defence has been for the last six weeks assisting with the filming of a very popular television series being produced by RTE, the BBC and Half Island Productions. Filming of “Smother” series 2 has been taking place on the north coast of Clare and is due for release towards the end of this year. Members have provided medical cover for several stunt scenes as well as partaking as extras in several plot lines for the series. One of the members was also given a speaking part alongside some of the principal characters of the production. Several members worked a twelve-hour shift throughout the night in order to assist filming scenes which are integral to the series 2 plot line. Not too much can be revealed at this stage in order not to spoil the series for its many dedicated followers however it is sufficient to say that Series 2 will prove a very interesting and intriguing follow up to the extremely popular Series 1. A very big thank you and well done to all the members who so generously gave of their time and “acting skills” on behalf of Clare Civil Defence.

Who knew Clare Civil Defence had such talented thespians???