New Civil Defence Volunteer and Equipment Management System

26 February 2020


The Department of Defence is seeking to install a new Civil Defence Volunteer and Equipment Management System. We are seeking a system which will record volunteer details, help manage training, record operations and also assist with stock control and with vehicle and equipment management. It is envisaged that the new system will allow remote access for CDOs and also some access for volunteers.

 A lot of preliminary work has taken place in recent months, including significant input from CDOs.

 On Friday 21st February the Department of Defence published a ‘Request for Information’ (RFI) on the e-tenders website. The RFI invites potential suppliers to engage with us on systems that may meet our requirements.

 A formal ‘Request for Tender’ will issue later when we have more information on available systems.

 After a contract is awarded it will take some months to configure and test the new system, including transferring data over from current systems.

 We expect it will take about a year before the new system goes ‘live’.

 We will keep you updated on progress with this major project which has the potential to greatly improve the efficiency of Civil Defence.