Civil Defence Volunteers honoured

15 December 2017

Sligo Civil Defence volunteers were honoured with a reception in County Hall hosted by Cathaoirleach Councillor Seamus Kilgannon. The volunteers were presented with special commemorative Centenary medals and certificates by the Cathaoirleach. The ceremony was attended by Civil Defence Officers Marion Davis and Seamus Egan and volunteers from around the county. Also in attendance were Councillors Declan Bree, Marie Casserly, Hubert Keaney and Chris MacManus

In his address the Cathaoirleach said ‘Sligo’s year as ‘European Capital of Volunteering s coming to a close, and I can think of no finer organisation to celebrate our history of Volunteering than Sligo Civil Defence, and I welcome the opportunity to honour and applaud the dedicated people convened  here this evening. Indeed I would go as far as to say if anyone sought to examine a  template or model of outstanding voluntary endeavour, I would ask  them to look no further than our Civil Defence organisations  throughout the country.


Over the course of my time in public life, as Councillor and currently  as Cathaoirleach, I have seen at first hand the  professionalism and  attention to detail which are the hall- marks of the Civil  Defence  Organisation.  There is also an enormous  sense of gratitude and appreciation  among the general public for our front line emergency  services  and first-responders, people who give so generously of their time and  expertise  for the common good.  Right across the full spectrum of local endeavour, whether for a sporting, civic, or community event, the first group people will call on are our Civil Defence teams, who are always ready to assist without fuss or fanfare.


Attend any major event in this region, and it is  likely that Civil  Defence will be involved. Their expertise  and experience has been a  re-assuring presence for event organisers,  and the discreet and unassuming way they carry out their duties is  widely admired.  I would also encourage anyone seeking a fulfilling and exciting activity, to consider becoming a Civil Defence Volunteer, and in the process make a major contribution to your community.