Civil Defence Support to the Homeless

11 December 2014

A crew from RTÉ 6.01 News are visiting Dublin Civil Defence Headquarters at the Esplanade, Wolfe Tone Quay at 2.15 this afternoon. They will interview Civil Defence Officer, James McConnell who will then showcase the facilities available. A team of Volunteers will be assembling beds for the duration of the visit. A short piece is to air on this evenings 6.01 news.

The following is a short report of the support operation which commences tomorrow night:

A Civil Defence operation in support of Dublin City Council’s initiative to assist the homeless is commencing on Friday 12th December 2014. The operation is planned to extend until the end of March, 2015.

The Centre will be open every day from 9pm to 9am with 20 bed spaces. Soup, sandwiches, tea & coffee will be served on arrival and tea/cereal before departure the following morning. A team of three Civil Defence Volunteers will supervise the Centre on a rota basis with two professional carers contracted by the City Council.

As in previous years Civil Defence units in local authority areas around the country have been contacted in order to assist with the rota for the seven-day-week operation. It is planned to continue with the operation through the Christmas holiday period.

Places at the Centre will be made available only by reference from the City Council’s Freephone helpline service.