Civil Defence Flood Relief Efforts – 5th – 6th January 2016

6 January 2016

Since the second rise in water levels on 28th December, a total of 334 Civil Defence Volunteers from across 28 local authority areas have been deployed to numerous duties in the countrywide flood relief effort.


  1. Longford (5th – 6th January)

18 volunteers deployed, transporting children to school, assisted in transportation of a medical emergency, transporting fodder to isolated farmlands, distributing sandbags, monitoring water levels.

7 X 4WDs, 4 Boats , 1 High Bodied Truck utilised.


  1. Dublin (5th – 6th January)

5 volunteers deployed, using All Terrain Vehicle to transport children to school and to transport isolated residents in Cloondra, Longford to and from town for provisions, using off-road truck at Newtowncashel, Longford to transport isolated residents and to distribute sandbags to homes under threat of flooding .

1X All terrain vehicle, 1X off-road truck utilised.


  1. Leitrim (5th – 6th January)

4 volunteers deployed, assisting Longford Civil Defence to transport animal feed to isolated farms.

2 X 4WDs, 2 X Boats utilised.


  1. Roscommon (5th – 6th January)

8 volunteers deployed, transporting children to school marooned by flood waters in Ballyleague, Lanesborough, manning water pumps in Boyle.

3 X 4WDs, 1 Rescue Vehicle, 1 Boat, 6 Radios, Buoyancy Aids, Lights and Wading Poles utilised.


  1. Westmeath (5th – 6th January)

11 volunteers deployed, assisting county council with refuse collection, provided checks to vulnerable people, distributing public health notices.

43 X 4WD vehicles, 1 Truck, 1 Trailer and 1 Van utilised.


  1. Laois (5th – 6th January)

2 volunteers deployed, checking on homes previously flooded and monitoring water levels on the River Barrow.

1 X 4WD utilised.


  1. Mayo (5th – 6th January)

4 volunteers deployed, transporting ‘home help’ to inaccessible clients in Cong.

1 X 4WD, 1 Boat utilised.


  1. Tipperary (5th – 6th January 2016)

5 volunteers deployed, distributing dehumidifiers to homes in Clonmel, assisting the Department of Social Protection staff who are making assessments on flood damage, assisting flood victims to move damaged furniture from their homes.

2 X 4WDs utilised.


  1. Kildare (5th – 6th January 2016)

2 volunteers were deployed, monitoring water levels on the river Barrow at Mageney, Athy.

1X4WD vehicle utilised.


  1. Limerick (5th – 6th January 2016)

5 volunteers were deployed, providing catering facilities for Local Authoring personnel.

2X4WD Vehicles, generators and pumps utilised.


    11. Cavan (4th January 2016)

3 volunteers were deployed to assist families and farmers cut off by flood waters at Dromard. 1X4WD vehicle, 1 Inflatable boat utilised.


*Civil Defence Units remain on standby to assist as required. Civil Defence has 4,000 volunteers based in every Local Authority area in the country. Civil Defence has a wide range of equipment to deal with flooding including 88 Boats, 47 Fire Tenders, 9 Floating Pontoon Units and 130 Four Wheel Drive vehicles.


Photographs from floods Nationwide