Civil Defence: COVID-19 Response

17 July 2020


Civil Defence has provided a 120-day sustained response to the COVID-19 pandemic (17th March – 14th July), assisting the Principal Response Agencies and their communities through a wide range of taskings.

  • A total of 29,516 volunteer hours have been provided by 878 different Civil Defence volunteers.
  • A total of 3,680 individual taskings have been undertaken in support to the Principal Response Agencies.
  • A daily average of 59 Civil Defence volunteers have provided a daily average of 246 volunteer hours.
  • A fleet of over 200 Civil Defence Vehicles have been utilised.

A big thank you to all Civil Defence Volunteers who have provided their time and talents during this period. A big thank you also to all Civil Defence Officers, Assistant Civil Defence Officers and Temporary Assistant Civil Defence Officers for their professionalism and input during such a sustained period of activity for the organisation.

In the weeks and months ahead, it is important that we all individually continue to comply with the Government guidelines around handwashing, cough etiquette, social distancing and wearing of face masks to protect ourselves, our families and our communities.

At this point, it is the intention of Civil Defence Branch to recommence central training in September. That will of course depend on the COVID-19 situation pertaining at that time.

Also for your information on 17 July 2020, the Department of Defence on behalf of the Civil Defence organisation lodged the Civil Defence Governance Validation Framework (GVF) application with PHECC. This will ensure that Civil Defence’s PHECC licence will be renewed again for a further year on 31 August 2020.

Once again thank your and keep safe.



David Buckley

Civil Defence Branch