The Wearing of the Civil Defence Volunteer Uniform

January 16, 2012

Cover Letter Circular CD 02 of 2012 [PDF]

The Wearing of the Civil Defence Volunteer Uniform Circular CD 02 of 2012 [PDF]

To: Each County/City Manager
All Civil Defence Officers
All Assistant Civil Defence Officers


1. The Civil Defence Board wishes to advise that new guidelines have been drawn up on the wearing of the Civil Defence uniform by Volunteers (Circular CD 02/2012 attached) with effect from January, 2012.

2. These guidelines reflect the new work-wear introduced in 2006 and the various items of uniform and personal protective equipment issued to local authorities for Civil Defence use in the interim. The guidelines were developed following extensive consideration by a sub-group of the Health, Safety and Procurement Committee of the Board which included Civil Defence Officers and Volunteers.

3. This circular supersedes Circular CD 11/2007. Any future agreed amendments will be recorded in the “Record of Amendments” section and issued to each local authority.

4. Please note that a small number of ancillary items of uniform which have not been issued to date are included in this Circular. The guidelines governing these items will come into effect on the date they are issued to local authorities by the Civil Defence Board.

5. To ensure uniformity and standardisation within the organisation, local authorities and their Civil Defence Officers are requested to ensure the strict implementation of this Circular.

6. This circular may be accessed on the Civil Defence Board website at
Seamus Murray
Assistant Principal
Finance and Procurement

12th January 2012